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Welcome to the ICAO Digital Rights Management website

This website provides Member States and other authorized users secure and controlled access to select ICAO publications in electronic format. This website relies on Digital Rights Management (DRM) to better protect the authenticity and integrity of the publications while reducing the risks of copyright infringement.


Before you start

In order to read the publications you will need:
a) an Adobe Digital Editions ID and
b) an Adobe Digital Editions compatible reader.

The publications downloaded are assigned to you via an Adobe Digital Editions ID which you must not share with third-parties. If you do not have an Adobe Digital Editions ID, please go to the Adobe Digital Editions ID and then choose 'Create an Adobe Digital Editions ID.

Important:      First add the Annual Report of the Council - 2012 (for test download) to the cart, check it out and download as a test. All other publications are limited on the number of downloads and you should ensure that your device is properly configured before downloading  one of them.


Installing your reader

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